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Afghan President TELLS Trump The TRUTH About Obama


One of Obama’s major flops during his time in The White House was his approach with Afghanistan.

Increasing the number of troops to 100.000 in the Afghan countries and still failing to make the situation right.

Obama planned to pull back the troops, even setting a date to pull them back completely. However, in 2015 he stopped the withdrawal after the Taliban secured a large amount of territory.

Taking over Obama’s mess, President Trump decided to make things right. He stayed in Afghanistan not wanting to give the terrorist anything.

He went forward with a different plan than Obama. Trusting his officers more and letting them win the war. That is why they are there anyway. Keeping it under wraps until the war was over.

Well, it looks like the plan worked. The President met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during the U.N General Assembly in New York. During the meeting, Ashraf Ghani applauded Trump for his help in securing the country. Claiming that the difference is HUGE.

Even saying that:

“You made this decision on the basis of courage and determination. We salute your courage. The cloud of uncertainty has been lifted, but equally important is your commitment to a political solution at the end of this process.”

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also added:

“We do not ask for a blank check. We are determined to do what is ours — fight corruption, ensure that there’s no waste of resources, full accountability for the results, and significant momentum so that the American people can know that, under your wise leadership, the results that were not within grasp will now be achieved.”

Watch the whole meeting below:

Reversing Obama’s failed policy and even gaining praise from the Afghan President.

That is WHY Trump is OUR President. SHARE this if you SUPPORT him.

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