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Every American Was ASKED By Melania Trump To Do ONE Simple Thing

Melania Trump

In a new public service disclosure published by the White House, a call was issued to every American to help the most they can with the hurricane support efforts by Melania Trump.

All of us need to help those who have been terribly damaged by the hurricane with compassion and love. The catastrophes are now over, but the people in those communities who were affected need absolutely all of our help as Melania Trump asked.

Watch the VIDEO below where Melania Trump asked only one thing:

This is what she said:

“Your help is still needed.”

“The president and I have witnessed firsthand the compassion and commitment of Americans as friends; neighbors, and strangers continue to volunteer time; and money to help one another following the recent hurricanes.”

Right after the mainland United States and Puerto Rico; were demolished by various hurricanes is when this message came.

All of our neighbors in Texas, Louisiana and Florida NEED our HELP so SHARE this EVERYWHERE so they get the help and all of the resources. Thanks for reading. God Bless You.

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