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Barack Obama Mocks The Bible & Jesus Christ

Barack Obama is the embodiment of a heathen Liberal. His presidency–which almost demolished this country showcases the ethically bankrupt belief system of a radical development that has finish hate for Christianity.

Obviously, the media doesn’t need Americans to know how hostile to Christian Obama is. That is the reason they’ve attempted their best to hide this noteworthy video, in which Obama dishonorably derides The Bible and Jesus Christ himself.

Simply tune in to how he painted The Bible. By taking these entries outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand, Obama needed to portray Scriptural lessons at in reverse, brutal, and underhanded. It’s the standard Liberal strategy of undermining Christ’s lessons.

Would you be able to trust he even had the nerve to affront the Sermon on the Mount? Obama has no feeling of goodness at all!

He slights what is broadly viewed as the best religious sermon at any point conveyed!

We as a whole knew Obama was terrible news, yet many didn’t know he was ready to sink to these depths–blaspheming before a live crowd!

Also, the most noticeably bad part is the general population there cheered! The fallen angel absolutely has his devotees!

Barack Hussein Obama is forthright on his reactions of The Bible. However, he rarely gets out Islam or the Koran. We’re discussing the book that says it’s alright to slaughter heathens (any individual who isn’t a Muslim).

Islam is the religion that is roused thousands if not several thousand or a large number of guiltless passings all around the globe.

The psychological militants who target Western urban areas are just doing their Muslim obligation as portrayed in their blessed book.

Where’s Obama ridiculing of the Koran? Obviously, he’ll never do that since he’s an Islamic sympathizer. Islam can’t take the blame no matter what in Obama’s eyes.

ISIS could take out a US city, and old Barack would be out there rationalizing Islam.

The most ludicrous piece of Barack Obama’s story is that he claimed to be a Christian for such a large number of years. Actually, genuine nationalists saw directly through his act.

Be that as it may, before he moved our nation so far To one side, he needed to put on a show to pay tribute to Christianity to so the unseeing masses would vote in favor of him. A total wolf in sheep’s clothing!

However, Obama was never a Christian. What sort of Christian backings fetus removal; the murder of pure kids that is totally in opposition to God’s law?

What sort of Christian advocates gay marriage, which distorts the sacredness of marriage as God himself organized it? What sort of Christian backings the Radical state, which tries to supplant love of God with the love of the State.

It’s all piece of the dynamic arrangement. Leftism is a religion. That is the reason they turn out to be so over the top when their distorted perspective is tested. They’re devotees!

They don’t need rivalry from genuine religion. Thus, Democrats battle like distraught to stamp out Christianity.

However, they do grasp Islam since they require the Muslim voting square to win races. Obama and the disrespectful Liberals are adversaries of God and America.

Express gratitude toward God we now have God-dreading men like Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the White House!

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