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Benghazi Security Contractor Stepped Forward With NEW SHOCKING Details

Horrific new details on what really happened in Benghazi have surfaced recently. A State Department security contractor has opened about it.

12 days before the terror attack of 09.11.2012 that took the lives of 4 Americans, apparently after a rival association failed to do the operation this security contractor was demanded to provide security at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Clinton’s State Department had knowledge that Benghazi was not secure, according to the security contractor. They put the lives of everyone there at risk, even though they knew that security decent enough all along.

State Department contacted the association two weeks  before The Ambassador Stevens and three Americans weere viciously massacred, a security and private army contracting firm called Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions told Global Politico.

The previous security contactor that was failing on the operation is a small Welsh firm called Blue Mountain Group. The State Department awarded them the contract over Torres’s bid earlier that year.

“If we had ben awarded that contract to protect the embassy compound in Benghazi, those men would still bee alive today,” officer Bradley Owens told Global Politico.

Jan Visintainer buzzed Torres’s administrator “Hey, can Torres perform in Libya?”

Then Owens stated the following:

“We were asked 12 days before the attacks if we can come in and take over security. So they knew it wasn’t safe. Wait, it gets worse. We, of course, said yes. I got an email from our director of operations. We were going to rent a compound that was half a kilometer from the compound in Benghazi.”

“We were going to have a six-man team on the ground that were all ex-pat. And because of the work we were doing in Libya pre-and-post the war, we had a lot of friends who were Libyan and who knew how to fight.”

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