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BREAKING: California Congressman BUSTED Propelling Coup Against TRUMP

A numerous awesome aspect regarding President Trump is that he’s uncovered the traitorous rats in our legislature. The counter Trumpers in each corner are demonstrating their real nature.

The most recent legislator to put his criminal nature on full show is Ted Lieu, an individual from the U.S. House from California.

Congressman Lieu has made an official site on the most proficient method to break to the press to hurt Trump (by means of Twitter). He’s actually organizing injustice!

Lieu is a staunch Democrat speaking to California’s 33rd Area. He spends his days on Twitter knocking President Trump — yet condemns the president for utilizing the social stage.

In this current radical’s most recent snatch for consideration, he’s made a page that gives directions to leakers who need to uncover grouped data from the Trump organization. Lieu is urging individuals to sell out our nation!

Congressman Lieu features is likewise being exploitative about his site.

In spite of the fact that he says he “made an official site,” it’s not a site by any means. Or maybe, it’s a PAGE on his Place of Delegates page.

Be that as it may, this makes what Lieu is doing much all the more disturbing.

Not exclusively is a sitting individual from Congress spreading data on the most proficient method to confer conspiracy, he’s doing it utilizing an administration site — a site subsidized with citizen cash!

This is past Debilitated! What’s more, what makes it much more stomach-stirring is the way Lieu paints his pet venture.

Liberals dependably offer their subversion as something fair and moral. It encourages them rest around evening time.

For example, Congressman Lieu cases to enable government workers who “to wish to break the Organization’s interchanges power outage on elected offices.”

What “power outage?” This “power outage” has been around until the end of time. It’s called Ordered Data, and it’s characterized to ensure American lives.

There’s additionally a segment called “Know Your Rights.” Hold up? What “rights?” Since when does a government representative have the “right” to hole data that will put our national security at hazard?

Since when does somebody have the privilege to confer conspiracy? Here’s a piece of information, Mr. Lieu: Swindlers have no rights. They have the privilege to go to imprison. Perhaps that is the place you need to go, as well?

This degenerate Democrat acts like he’s giving an open administration. What he’s truly doing is selling out our nation. Does he truly think this is useful for America?

In the event that his cherished President Obama were still in office, would he be showing government workers how to break data?

Obviously not! He needs to dishonor President Trump, yet all the while, he’s imperiling our nation.

We as natives must be proactive in getting serious about backstabbers like Ted Lieu.

He Can’t be permitted to advance injustice on an administration site. What he’s doing is criminal and calls for serious discipline.

Call or keep in touch with your Agent and Representative today. Request the administration instantly.

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