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WATCH VIDEO: Tim Tebow SILENCES Liberal Moonbats On ‘The View’

The liberal hosts of “The View” endeavor to discuss Christianity as meager as could be allowed. That is the reason they were left puzzled when football-turned-baseball star Tim Tebow captured their show to discuss the energy of supplication.

“You stopped to comfort and pray over a fan who had a seizure,” said “View” co-host Sunny Hostin.

“Some witnesses called your prayer a ‘miracle.’ Can you take us back through that moment and what happened?”

Tebow reviewed:

“That was right after my first game in the Arizona fall league and I was signing autographs and there were a couple hundred people down the line. And I just passed Brandon and then I looked back and I saw him starting to go to the ground and starting to go into a seizure. And then he went unconscious.

So, it was honestly a little bit frustrating. Because when it started to happen, there re’ so many people, the first thing they wanted to do waas grab their phone and put this on Instagram. In a moment of need, when somebody’s hurting, let’s not try to get more followers, let’s try to help somebody.

I didn’t want to do it for the cameras. That’s why I put my hand on his thigh and just started to pray.”

Tebow added that he conversed with the fans for 20 minutes and that they stay in contact right up ’til today.

“You know, though,” Hostin said; “Some people are saying that your laying of your hands on him, that was a miracle, the miracle of prayer.”

“I don’t think it had anything to do with me,” Tebow replied. “God has a bigger plan for everybody, and God’s in control. I’m not in control of anything.”

We’re happy to see that Tebow gave the liberals on “The View” a training about the energy of Christ!

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