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BUSTED: Obama Was Hiding Something HORRIBLE In The White House

Barack Obama

Even though Barack Obama was warned by the Republicans to not keep workers who are in favor of President Trump’s policies and not to assign political representatives to career jobs he didn’t listen and still did it.

An organization that is on its way out is appointing political representatives to career level positions and that is “Burrowing”. By the time Barack Obama left the White House a report revealed that 78 of his representatives had burrowed in the same time.

Out of all of the departments guess which one has the most… The answer is:


In that department, all of Barack Obama’s representatives have left… yes, you read it right. And now we got to figure out where the leaks are coming out of.

As you will see in the VIDEO below that has been a concern ever since.

There is no evidence that shows that any of Barack Obama’s 9 people are the LEAKERS, but that’s the first place where I would look.

This Is what Ron Johnson and Thom Tills said when they urged Barack Obama do rattle Donald Trump’s presidency:

“Burrowing in’ further contributes to the possibility that federal workers may attempt to undermine the policies of the new president.”

But we all know Obama’s intentions.

The Presidential transition is when burrowing takes place also another president that did that is Bush. That’s not enough to make the people feel better, all of that is gone so far especially with Trump’s unique Presidency.

Obama’s representatives need to be watched. If you also agree SHARE this EVERYWHERE and comment below “WATCH THEM”. Thanks for reading.

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