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Chelsea Handler Posts UNBELIEVABLE Tweet About Texas Shooting

chelsea handler

There always has to be some celebrities blaming political parties for tragedies across America. The recent shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas is no exception.

They are using tragedies like these to boost their political agendas. Among the first of the celebrities to do just that is, you guessed it – Chelsea Handler.

She claimed that the Republicans were responsible for the incident. However, when he tweet was posted, the shooter’s identity was not yet known.

Take a look at the tweet:

However, some Twitter users quickly responded to her.

Take a look:

She deserves every single word in those tweets. What a move Handler, way to go.

However, this kind of behavior is not uncommon In Hollywood. But, this must stop. Consequently, there are too many celebrities that use bloodshed to spread their political agendas.

Do you agree on this? Should celebrities be allowed to do this?

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