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Chinese Fighter Jet Flies Upside Down Over US Air Force Jet

Two Chinese Su-30 fighter planes blocked a US Air Force radiation detection plane over the East China Sea Wednesday.

The US team on board the US Air Force WC-135 jet portrayed the move as “unprofessional,” according to Air Force Lt. Col. Hodge.

While we are still investigating the incident, initial reports from the U.S. aircrew characterized the intercept as unprofessional. The issue is addressed with China through diplomatic and military channels.” Hodge said.

Prior, a US official said that the Chinese planes came quite close to the US plane. One of the Su-30s flying inverted, or upside-down, above the American plane.

Named the “Steady Phoenix,” the WC-135 jet searches for distinctive components that a nuclear test of any sort would emanate into the air. Analyzing the gathered examples to determine what happened.

The WC-135 has been frequently deployed on routine missions in Northeast Asia. Gathering evidence of possible nuclear tests by North Korea.

The Air Force has two of the WC-135 planes that work out of Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.

Wednesday’s occurrence was the second amongst US and Chinese planes this year.

In February, US protection authorities said there was a close encounter between a US Navy P-3 Orion airplane and a Chinese observation aircraft over the South China Sea.

A US official said the US Navy plane needed to adjust course to guarantee there wasn’t an impact. Surprisingly the planes came extremely close to one another.

US authorities said close encounters amongst US and Chinese powers are to a great extremely rare, with no such incidents in 2015 and two in 2016.

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