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Hillary Clinton’s $6 MILLION Cash Trail To James Comey UNCOVERED!

An enormous number of Americans were irate a year prior when FBI Executive James Comey let Hillary Clinton free despite the unmistakable evidence that she was a criminal.

By and by, the honest to goodness inspiration driving why he picked not to charge Clinton may have been revealed. The Door Intellectual reported that new information point by point that Comey’s kin, Diminish Comey, works for the law office that handles charges for the Clinton Foundation.


The past FBI boss himself filled in as general counsel at Lockheed Martin until 2010 when he pulled back with over $6 million to show up for his attempts.

That same year, Lockheed Martin transformed into a person from the Clinton Worldwide Activity and “won 17 contracts” from the U.S. State Division, which driven by Clinton at the time.

Comey’s kin Diminish is at this moment the Senior Chief of Land Operations; for the Americas at the Washington law office DLA Flute player; which beat ten record-breaking job fight suppliers for Clinton.

As if this wasn’t adequate, DLA Flautist also handles charges for the Clinton Establishment.

Open property records exhibit that Comey has the home credit on Diminish’s home. Which infers that he had a direct fiscal relationship with a DLA Flute player official; at the time he was investigating Clinton.

This exhibits for the last time that Donald Trump was progressing nicely to fire Comey. His hostile conditions when it came to Clinton were dreadfully amazing to disregard.

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