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COMEY LIED: FBI Just Spilled James Comey’s Dirty Clothing And It’s Sick

James Comey deceived the American individuals while under promise and now Barack Obama’s spying and unmasking plan is the middle of everyone’s attention once more.

Today a declassified FBI archive was given over to Around that demonstrates FBI specialists have NOT been taking after the laws set up to secure American protection.

Not just have they been keeping an eye on Americans wrongfully, yet they were not notwithstanding preparing the specialists in the laws and practices to deal with information.

This Demonstrates James Comey lied under pledge to Congress.

The reminder negates James Comey told Congressional hearing, that and unmasking and information accumulation by the FBI “legally gathered, deliberately administered and checked.”

That, as well as uncovered that the FBI is quite recently preparing individuals to utilize the FISA courts; and setting up oversight for it.

The update again negates another James Comey guarantee about Obama’s unmasking,

“No one gets the opportunity to see FISA data of any sort. Unless they’ve had the proper preparing and have the suitable oversight.”

This implies the issue of Obama unlawfully unmasking Americans extremely fit as the fiddle, once more. Obviously, this proves something happened.

The media is going to skim this and toss it out when they see it harms their child kid Barack.

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