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WATCH: Comey Sees His Worst NIGHTMARE At His Howard University Address


During a trip to Howard University FBI director James Comey was hindered by a ton of protestors.

This Friday he came to bring an address to the University, and he also recently admitted that he leaked classified documents.

Oh my god. When Comey stepped onto the podium this is what met him there:

Multiple times the students yelled him down during his address. This is bad for him. Now he is on the verge to be eaten by the left.

“We shall not be moved,” that was what the protestors were yelling.

Take a look at what he does:

This has to be nice to watch, right?  Comey should be exposed in front the American citizens as a fraud he is. Before the new Senate Judiciary, he needs to get dragged.

Patriots SHARE this EVERYWHERE you can so everyone can see what kind of FRAUD Comey is. If we don’t do anything this country will die. So let’s LOCK UP the monsters like Comey.

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