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Congress OPENS Hillary Examination. Is JAIL Inescapable For Abnormal Hillary?

Yes, it’s on! About five months after the decision, Hillary Clinton is at long last being researched by Congress for pay-for-play, while she was Secretary of State.

It is trusted that Hillary may have ruined a Bangladesh government defilement examination against Muhammad Yunus, in return for huge gifts to the Clinton Establishment.

Its suspected that Hillary Clinton debilitated to have the Inner Income Benefit review relatives of Bangladesh government authorities; in the event that they didn’t drop their own particular examination of their companion and Clinton Establishment contributor.

Here is a short clasp of Tucker Carlson portraying the examination. Underneath thew video, we have incorporated a duplicate of the letter from Representative Hurl Grassley; Executive of the Senate Panel on the Legal, to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. (watch video below)

Congressperson Hurl Grassley, Administrator of the Senate Board of trustees on the Legal, has finally formally opened an examination. Here is the primary page of his letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, dated June 1, 1017.


In his letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Representative Grassley also composed:

“If the Secretary of State used her position to intervene in an independent investigation by a sovereign government simply because of a personal and financial relationship stemming from the Clinton Foundation rather than the legitimate foreign policy interests of the United States, then that would be unacceptable” and……

“Co-mingling her official position as Secretary of State with her family foundation would be similarly inappropriate. It is vital to determine whether the State Department had any role in the threat of an IRS audit against the son of the Prime Minister in retaliation for this investigation.”


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