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VIDEO: Top Democrat Caught Red-Handed Colluding With Muslim Country

tucker carlson
The Democrats and their friends in the predominant press are working energetically to cover this up.

Congresswomen and previous executive of the Democrat National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), is obtrusively concealing something about her association with a Pakistani national captured yesterday while endeavoring to escape the nation.

Tucker Carlson handled this genuine news story, a story being intentionally disregarded by the predominant press. His visitor, Mark Steyn, clarifies that anybody fixated on the Russian trick ought to be extremely worried about this.

“It’s tied in with everything that the Democrats and the media invested months… attempting to demonstrate [with] the Russia examination. We have real criminal components,” Steyn clarified. “All that they’ve been searching for is… gazing them in the face with this puzzling person.”

For this situation, there is a remote national impacting chose authorities, the best authority endeavoring to discourage equity, and a potential rupture of national security.

In any case, the predominant press has totally overlooked the case since it involves Democrats–not Republicans. The prevailing press does not think about reality; they need to remove President Trump.

One of the biggest breaks in national security may have happened while the media chooses not to see. Our administration may have been penetrated by a fear based oppressor, and the media invests its energy covering a paranoid fear.

Pakistan national, Imran Awan, was captured for bank misrepresentation while endeavoring to escape the nation at Dulles Airport. He was on Wasserman Schultz’s finance as an IT staff member.

Imran Awan has been under scrutiny for a considerable length of time, and his entrance to the House PC arrange was repealed in February. In spite of his absence of get to, Wassermann Schultz kept on utilizing the futile PC overseer, leaving many to accept there was all the more going on.

The Awans were not procured for their PC attitudes, so why did the Democrats keep them on the finance?

Awan more likely than not had soil on Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats. He knew Wasserman Schultz’s iPad secret key, and the Congresswoman even debilitated Capitol Police for his benefit.

Regardless of the possibility that you accept the Russian paranoid idea is right, it is minor in contrast with the Awan embarrassment. Debbie Wasserman Schultz should be researched immediately.

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