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Democrat Caught Fleeing Country With $300,000 – Media SILENT

A prominent Democrat was quite recently busted attempting to “take the cash and run,” as is commonly said. Fortunately, he didn’t make it far and was caught at the airplane terminal.

Police took Imran Awan, the best associate for Florida Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, into custody yesterday. In an intriguing move, he was endeavoring to leave the nation hours after it was uncovered that he is associated with misusing reserves and devastating confirmation, and is as of now under FBI examination. He was found endeavoring to wire a stunning $283,000 to Pakistan from a Congressional Federal Credit Union, and he had $12,000 money on his individual at the season of the capture.

In spite of the irritating claim–with proof to back it up–Rep. Wasserman still is declining to flame this criminal. It’s obvious since the Left tends to stick up for each other, regardless of the possibility that the pirating and robbery of a huge number of dollars is hanging in the balance.

You would think with this breaking news, the media would be everywhere on this story. That isn’t the situation. The majority of the prevailing press spooks couldn’t care less; they have fake news to distribute throughout the day.

It is a disgrace that somebody from the Democrat gathering can take that much cash and nobody flutters an eyelash. On the off chance that it were somebody on the Right who carried out this unpleasant wrongdoing, the media would be on top of it.

Before getting captured, Awan was busted decimating an entire host of electronic gadgets. The purpose was evident that he didn’t need NO ONE to have the capacity to get to the data inside once more.

Police discovered destroyed SD cards, hard drive, portable workstations, and more in the house where he used to live.

Wasserman-Schultz likewise had an opportunity to put her insane side in plain view. The Gateway Pundit detailed that she THREATENED the head of the U.S. Legislative hall Police with unmentioned “outcomes” for not giving over hardware. She guaranteed that the confirmation was being utilized to fabricate a body of evidence against her helper.

At the end of the day, she KNEW her associate was under scrutiny, attempted to help him however much as could reasonably be expected, enabled him to exchange assets to Pakistan, and would give him a chance to escape the nation with the stolen cash.

There is no reason for mishandling their places of energy. We are living in insane circumstances where somebody can take about $300,000, and as long as they have a place with the right political gathering, it should get hid away from plain view.

However, the DNC is concealing a greater truth from Americans. We have to thump them down off of their lofty self esteem and uncover the certainties. President Trump will work with the FBI to uncover these rats for their criminal conduct.

Formally, the primary domino fell today with the capture of Awan. We will be watching and holding up to see who he uncovered. Ideally, this criminal filth never observes the light of day again.

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