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BREAKING: Democrat Announces NRA a “National Security Threat”

Don’t bother about ISIS, Islamic fear, or even North Korea…

The genuine “national security risk” is the NRA and their representative Dana Loesch.

That is the claim from one moron Democrat, who is so uncontrollably distant from the American individuals – who are mindful and devoted weapon proprietors.

Maybe Ms. Rice should concentrate her consideration on ANTIFA, the Democrat dread gathering who beat individuals silly with bicycle locks on the off chance that they don’t rehearse “radicalism.”

Or, on the other hand, possibly she can investigate Dark Lives Matter; another Democrat bunch who despise cops re’ have affected uproars and cop killings?

Why target god-dreading American nationals who adore their nation and practice their Second Change rights?

Dana Loesch, an NRA representative also let go back at the Democrat.

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