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EXPOSED: The True History of Democrats and Racism

Recently, all we’ve gotten notification from the Democrats is the manner by which “Trump is supremacist” and “his supporters are racists,” a similar thing they’ve said again and again, backpedaling to before the decision.

The issue with their allegations is, in actuality, the Democrats are the gathering with the long history of bigotry, once that backpedals just about a century.

Backpedaling to the vote to the Thirteenth Amendment, which abrogated bondage, a vote which had 100% Republican help, a minor 23% of Democrats voted in help; they’d much have favored their slaves to liberating people who were once seen as property.

That conveys us appropriate along to the Fourteenth Amendment; which set up citizenship to liberated slaves: though 97% of the Republican Party upheld it; 0% of the Democrats bolstered that thought too.

In later history, a huge number of present-day Democrats held transparently supremacist convictions too; including Margaret Sanger ( a frank backer for Selective breeding); and Congressperson Robert Byrd (previous KKK pioneer) among others, yet the Democrats never appear to say them.

Presently, in 2017, we see a marginally unique type of bigotry from the Democrats, yet underneath the surface, it’s as yet the same.

Take Diane Feinstein’s comment, “If we decrease immigration, who will pick our crops?” asked Feinstein; this is characteristic bigotry at its finest, the supposition that [Hispanic] immigrants basically exist as modern-day slaves really sum up the average Democrat politician.

This, alongside remarks from Hillary Clinton and different Democrats with respect to criminals in America; and quick references to the dark group; basically saying that African Americans are criminals this is genuinely the way they think.

As of late, a rush of against white disdain has likewise sprung forward from the Democrat party; and also solid streams of hostile to Semitism; particularly with respect to Israel and Jewish moderates; these are not “tolerant” and minding individuals by any means, they’re decisive racists.

Until the point that the Democrat Gathering cleanses prejudice from its OWN positions; it ought not to toss stones at Republicans; and should watch the contemptuous talk utilized against President Trump and his supporters.

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