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JUST IN: Fox News IS REPLACING Sean Hannity


Fox News had best ratings while Bill O’Reilly was a host, they are now doing anything they can to get back to that level again.

Fox News will continue to go down the same road unless they change a lot of things that need to be changed, everyone knew that.

They had a lot of BIG decisions to make. Ever since they fired Bill O’Reilly they cannot seem to get their grip again to get back where they were.

Eric Bolling is the freshest victim. After Bolling got accused and found guilty of sending NUDES to his aids, he was instantly fired. But now they are going in a positive direction, very different from the last one.

According to the latest reports, Laura Ingraham finally signed her deal with Fox News and its starting as early as next week.

For the most part, Fox News keeped this a secret. Before everyone is aware of this Fox might want to retaliate against Maddow’s powerhouse. The only way to that is to move Ingraham to 10 PM and Sean Hannity to 9 PM.

Maddow is now blowing up in the ratings and in order Fox to fight against them they have to replace Hannity. Fox will move people a lot until they are happy with their results and that’s it’s the only way to get back to the top.

Even though Fox have hosts that are watched nobody will take Bill O’Reilly’s place. This is why they are in need of someone from the outside to refresh them. This may be the move that will bring them up again.

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