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Fox News Suddenly SUSPENDS Famous Conservative Host

Recently, it came to light that Fox Business Network had to suspend one of their employees due to a pending investigation. This story is as disgusting as it is suspicious.

Host Charles Payne was suspended on the grounds of possible sexual harassment. The accuser, in this case, is Hendersonville’s, Scottie Nell Hughes. Hughes became increasingly popular last year, supporting President Trump as a spokesperson before making a career change.

The situation is awkward, to say the least. There are claims that Payne and Hughes were involved in a romantic relationship despite the fact that they are both currently married.

Hughes claimed that the sexual relationship was forced, and the only reason she participated is that she felt as if she would be in danger if she said anything.

Payne was upset about the way this story played out. He claimed there was a romantic relationship — but nothing was ever forced. Payne even took to Twitter to defend his name.

The first tweet from Payne said, “I will fight this like a lion armed with the truth. Thanks so much to all those that have reached out in support. #FightingBack”

You have to wonder who is telling the truth here because someone is lying. The truth is going to be exposed, and someone is going to end up looking foolish by the time it ends.

It is worth noting that Hughes was a regular Trump campaign speaker. Eventually, after Trump won the presidency, Hughes signed a contract with CNN. Weird, right?

LA Times reported that Payne openly admitted to the relationship between him and Hughes lasting for three years. If this is true, it’ll be hard to say he was forcing her into a relationship.

Time will tell what Fox discovers at the end of their investigation. Right after Paynes’ episode of “Making Money,” a Fox representative made the announcement about Payne’s suspension. The spokesperson closed their speech with, “This matter is being thoroughly investigated, and we are taking all of the appropriate steps to reach a resolution promptly.”

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