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George Clooney Gets HUMBLED By Middle Americans


Guess who had a big movie premiere this weekend? You guessed it, George Clooney.

The same George Clooney that bashed President Trump not long ago.

The movie called Suburbicon was released this weekend which Clooney is not acting in but directing it.
However, not all stars have the know-how on directing movies and Clooney proves it.

According to reports Suburbicon flopped at the box office bringing in just 2.8 million. OUCH.
Looks like the American people hit hard against him for bashing their beloved president. The movie marks Georges’ worst directorial opening and also Matt Damons’ second worst acting opening.

Consequently, the movie that beat Suburbicon, a much smaller film, is called Thank You For Your Service.
It delves into the patriotic lives of soldiers returning from war and it was directed by Jason Hall.

However, the American citizens have spoken. They showed him not to mess with their president and sent him back to Hollywood crying.

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