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OMG! What Kathy Griffin Just Said to Barron Trump Will Make YOU SICK

Kathy Griffin simply hardened herself as the most appalling individual on planet Earth.

Griffin simply held a public interview where she really attempted to PLAY Casualty after everybody descended on her Trump “decapitating” stunt. Envision the nerve of this abhorrent lady.

She held a fake disjoined leader of the President and now she is griping when his family and companions got distraught.

Be that as it may, the most noticeably bad part is the point at which she really followed 11-year-old Barron Trump for being damaged! (watch video below)

Griffin dismissed the way that Barron was damaged by the picture of his dad being “decapitated.” She also stated,

“They’re trying to make it about Barron. I think a comic should be able to make fun of everybody.”

At that point, A correspondent got some information about Barron being damaged by the picture, and she said the Trump’s could make that up.

“Well, allegedly….you’re assuming everything the Trumps say is true, and we know that many of the things the Trumps say are false.”

What a totally appalling lady. Not exclusively do she play out some kind of psycho-mental acrobatic by attempting to play the casualty here.She then pursues

She then pursues an 11-year-old tyke saying that the reality he damaged by photograph; of his dad’s “decapitation” altogether made up. My GOD, this lady also has no ethical compass at all.

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