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Hackers Demand Millions In Ransom For Stolen HBO Data

A group of programmers posted a crisp reserve of stolen HBO documents online Monday, and requested a multimillion-dollar emancipate from the system to keep the arrival of whole TV arrangement and other touchy restrictive records.

HBO, which had beforehand recognized the burglary of “restrictive data,” said it’s proceeding to research and is working with police and cybersecurity specialists.

In a swaggering five-minute video from “Mr. Smith” to HBO CEO Richard Plepler incorporated into the landfill. The hackers utilized white content looking on a dark foundation to convey a final offer. In short; Pay up within three days or see the group, which cases to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of HBO and secret corporate information. Transfer whole arrangement and delicate restrictive documents.

In particular, the programmers requested “our half year compensation in bitcoin,”. They guaranteed they gain $12 million to $15 million a year from coercing associations whose systems they have infiltrated. They said they would just arrangement specifically with “Richard” and just send one “letter” enumerating how to pay.

It incorporates what have all the earmarks of being draft contents from five “Session of Thrones” scenes. Including one up and coming scene, and a month of email obviously from the record of Leslie Cohen, HBO’s VP for film programming.

The system repeated Monday that it doesn’t trust that its email framework overall has been traded off.

The video content was composed in frequently imperfect however familiar English peppered with incorrect spellings and popular culture references.

The programmers asserted it took them around a half year to break HBO’s system. Their greatest danger has all the earmarks of being dumping recordings of future shows online with their logo “HBO Is Falling” superimposed.

One screenshot named “Exceptionally Confidential” by the programmers recorded organizers, for example, ;”Penguin Random House,” ″Licensing and Retail,” ″Legal,” ″International” and “Spending plans”. Another report seems to contain the classified cast list for “Session of Thrones,”. Posting individual cellphone numbers and email addresses for on-screen characters. For example, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey and Emilia Clark.

In that assault, programmers potentially connected with North Korea uncovered a huge number of humiliating messages and discharged individual data. Including pay rates and government disability numbers, of almost 50,000 present and previous Sony workers.

The video letter transferred Monday guaranteed the programmers spend a half million dollars a year to buy “zero-day” abuses that let them break into systems through openings not yet know to Microsoft and other programming organizations. It claims HBO is the programmers’ seventeenth target and that exclusive three of their past targets declined to pay.

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