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Day Before Halloween NFL Owners Get Biggest Scare Of Lives


If you are a television executive who paid the NFL billions in a TV deal or an NFL owners, this is going to be awful and historic for you.

The NFL was worth every dollar of the billions that were spent to broadcast the games because they used to be dominant, untouchable and a rating juggernaut.

To get the NFL rights was the reason why Roberts Murdoch promoted Fox, that was his strategy and many seem to forget that. When Fox was an upstart network was when he got them.

We all need to agree that the NFL is important.

Sometimes the Major League Baseball’s crown jewel the World Series was beaten sometimes; even by a local broadcast re-run of the home team, and also by an average NFL game in the ratings.

The World Series was routinely beaten by a random NFL game in TV ratings, this shows how dominant NFL was.

But a new explosive report by Breitbart is showing that the NFL’s fun is over.

That’s clearly shown on these numbers, their TV ratings are gone.

Let’s be more specific when Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series in 2016; that was the year that had a lot to do with those numbers, maybe not all of them; but definitely a lot.

But this year they can’t make an excuse.

The NFL owners deserve this happening to all of them because they let the inmates run the asylum. If you also agree SHARE this EVERYWHERE.
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