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Hollywood Is P*SSED OFF After Judge Jeanine Revealed The Savage TRUTH

Judge Jeanine Pirro

The dishonesty of the “Hollywood social justice warriors” was ferociously called out during the Weinstein controversy by Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Who is Weinstein? He is an important Democrat who is giving as much as tens of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and also more than $50,000 to Hillary’s presidential campaign.

The things Judge Jeanine said in the VIDEO below DESTROYED them:

She said this about Hollywood:

“Another intersection of crime, money, power, and the Democrat party.”

Jeanine Pirro also believes that most of the actors from Hollywood had no knowledge until now about the crimes of Weinstein.

She said this next:

“As the curtain goes up on THE CASTING COUCH, AKA THE CASTING BED, the town that glorifies VIOLENCE, MURDER, AND RAPE is the same town where centuries-old rules of women sleeping for a job is KEPT QUIET”

I also agree with Jeanine that most if not all of Hollywood are now aware of Weinstein crimes. This made it clear that Hollywood has brushed crimes and a lot of secrets under their rug because of the status of that one person.

Hollywood is one sick contorted sect and there are’ probably a lot more people who are protected like Weinstein. Women’s’ rights are something that they have no right to speak on. What they doing It’s absolutely disgraceful.

If you also agree like with what Judge Jeanine Pirro had to say SHARE this EVERYWHERE. Thank you for reading.

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