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This Horrific Thing That Michael McKean Just Said To Texas Church Victims Left Even Trump Stunned

Michael McKean

No one thought that Hollywood would set this kind of shocking new low simply no one thought that is humanly possible but yet they did it.

President Trump is never slow with a comeback and he put Hollywood and Michael McKean in his place again. Even Trump had to take a minute to let what this jerk said sink in. Seriously it’s that bad.

The Texas church victims were just mocked by Michael McKean in the vilest way possible.

Mocking the devastated and innocent victims of the tragedy proved that he has no morals at all.

Morally bankrupt stars are produced by morally bankrupt culture and it should not be a surprise but his words are really shocking.

Christians have been mocked online for showing their support and also offering prayers for the victims.

That is very low. But if you want even lower leave it to Hollywood they are pretty good and will not disappoint.

America was asked by Paul Rayan with a tweet to send their prayers to the hurting victims.

Unless you are a Hollywood hotshot like McKean there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is what he tweeted in response:

Were prayers were shot out of them? If this is not rock bottom for Hollywood I have no idea what is. If you also agree SHARE this EVERYWHERE.

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