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Iraq Says It Fights ISIS on Behalf of Entire World

Iraq’s envoy to Tehran says his nation spoke to the entire world in its battle against ISIS, and now his nation needs worldwide encourage and support to recreate the city of Mosul which was as of late freed from psychological militants.

Tending to a function in Tehran to stamp Mosul freedom; Iraqi Ambassador Rajeh al-Mousavi said Iraq has figured out how to evacuate the most dangerous terrorists of the world, ISIS; who have been debilitating the security of all states over the world.

“We have pulverized everlastingly a gathering calling itself the Islamic State,”; he stated, including the individuals from the gathering.

Also, the Iraqi ambassador continued saying that the Iraqis from all urban communities dedicated their lives to free Mosul from the grasp of fear mongering. “The world has to realize that the Iraqis are a cultivated country with a long history,” he noted.

Al-Mousavi likewise applauded the part of the best clerics in the freedom of Mosul. They also said by issuing certain religious degrees, the ministers figured out how to prepare countless Iraqi contenders in the battle against terrorism.

However, the ministers said the operation to free Mosul started nine months prior.

“The Iraqi powers including armed force, police and Poplar Mobilization Units; alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga and even tribal individuals participated in the operation. They battled in different areas under the summon of the focal administration of Iraq.”

The service to stamp Mosul Liberation was hung on Tuesday at the compound of Iraq’s international safe haven in Tehran. It was gone to by Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Hassan Qashqavi, and various outside representatives including British, Palestinian and Pakistani representatives to Tehran and also various Iraqis living in Iran.

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