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Columnist Asked James Mattis What Keeps Him Up During The Night, His Answer Made Him SHIVER

Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in an interview airing today that nothing keeps him up at night.

He says that he keeps others up at night. Hahaha. That’s why we love James Mattis. This man is an American hero. (watch below).

At that point James Mattis said something again on the battle against the Islamic Condition of Iraq and Syria. He said that we have moved to “demolition strategies.”

“Our technique at this moment is to quicken the crusade against ISIS. It’s risk to every single cultivated country,” Mattis says.

Mattis said that ISIS will have no withdraw.

“We have as of now moved from wearing down strategies where we push them starting with one position then onto the next in Iraq and Syria, to obliteration strategies where we encompass them,” Mattis said.

“Our goal is that the remote contenders don’t survive the battle to return home to North Africa also to Europe, to America, to Asia and to Africa. We’re not going to enable them to do as such. Will stop them there and dismantle the caliphate.”

“You see that at this moment, for instance, in western Mosul that is encompassed and the Iraqi– security strengths are moving against them,” he said.

“Tal remote place is currently encompassed. We have endeavors in progress also at this moment to encompass their self-proclaimed caliphate capital of Raqqa.

“That encompassing operation is finally going on. Furthermore, once encompassed, then we’ll go in and wipe them out.”

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