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GAME OVER: James Clapper Flipped! What He Just Told Trump Is The Conclusive Evidence

James Clapper said again in a meeting with Chuck Todd said that there actually no “indisputable evidence” confirmation of arrangement amongst Trump and Russian state performers.

What Clapper says next ought to stun everybody. This is the conclusive evidence that blows the entire Trump case completely open. (watch)

James Clapper said he had similar worries with previous CIA Director, John Brennan, and asserted his “dashboard cautioning light was obviously on”:

“I will reveal to you that my dashboard cautioning light plainly on and I feel that the situation with every one of us in the Insight group; exceptionally worried with the way of these ways to deal with the Russians.”

“On the off chance that you place that in setting with everything else we knew the Russians were doing to meddle with the decision, and simply the chronicled practices of the Russians, who normally are hereditarily headed to co-select, enter, pick up support, whatever, which is a run of the mill Russian system, so we were concerned.”

There is no Russian plot. James Clapper likewise did a meeting on May fourteenth; in which he said there was no confirmation of conspiracy.

John Brennan said that the Russians have attempted to meddle with our races since the 1960s. This is not new news, people. This Russian intrigue story is a fake news story to divert from all the claimed seeing that Obama did.

He needs us now like never before. It will take every one of us to deplete the marsh.

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