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John McEnroe: ‘My Support of President Trump is Fake News. We’re Not Friends.’

John McEnroe
Soon after John McEnroe moved toward Donald Trump’s crate at the 2015 U.S. Open, the president just a Republican hopeful at the time, the previous tennis star wound up leaving extremely befuddled.

He’d known Trump “a little throughout the years.” In 2000, Trump offered $1 million to see John McEnroe play either Serena or Venus Williams, however, none of the players had demonstrated an intrigue. He had called McEnroe his “dear companion.” “[That was] news to me,” McEnroe said.

McEnroe’s dad, in any case, was a devotee of Trump. “Actually, my father—additionally called John—had written to Trump toward the begin of his battle for the Republican assignment. Inquiring as to whether there was anything he could do to help,” McEnroe reviewed.

What’s more, it was this letter caused the disarray when McEnroe moved toward Trump’s crate at quarterfinal of the competition between the Williams sisters at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

“Donald has a case at the U.S. Open, appropriate beside the supporters’ stall. At the 2015 competition, I headed toward making proper acquaintance, against the guidance of my significant other and girl; ‘Don’t you set out to go over yonder. He’s a misanthrope and a braggart—it will hurt your notoriety.’ . Me embracing Donald like we were missing siblings.

“He seemed more satisfied to see me than expected, and I just acknowledged why when he stated, ‘John, thank you such a great amount for the letter. I have it on the divider in my office!’ I trusted this was fake news. Also, I didn’t need everybody who went into Trump’s office supposing I was his No. 1 fan.”

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