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Journalist Says DITCH U.S. Constitution, Replace With THIS Instead

Through the span of the previous ten years, we have heard some REALLY irritating against American propaganda. A columnist made a claim that left us shaking our clench hands in seethe.

Dylan Matthews, our identity expecting lives in a dreamland where creative energy rules, proposed that we have to nullify the U.S. Senate. Matthews theory is that we should simply get rid of the Constitution and go to a parliamentary system. Wow, discuss numbskull.

It appears to have escaped Dylan’s attention that we USED to be represented under a parliamentary framework. That was before broke free of those chains; when we guaranteed our autonomy. The proposal that we have to discard everything that we have accomplished to this point and backpedal to the old framework we battled to leave is annoying; most definitely.

Somebody needs to disclose to Dylan that his absence of established education doesn’t order the destroying of the archive.

We should be practical here for a moment. What Dylan needs is Democrat amazingness. His objective, and all the more along these lines, the objective of his Party, is to get finish, unchallenged control. This will never happen, obviously, however, it IS their “end amusement” as it were.

There is a general dread among the Left that somebody will make it into a control that isn’t on an indistinguishable page from them.

We would wager that Dylan is SUPER disturbed that we didn’t dump that entire “idiotic Constitution” thing in return for finish control from a Left-wing hack like Hillary Clinton or a communist like Bernie Sanders.

It just figured out how to deteriorate when he was talking about how his “fantasy society” would look. Prepare to wince, since this is AWFUL.

Dylan expressed that “An ideal situation is that we end up with an elective despot yet hold quiet moves of energy. This is the place I’d put down my wager. Immaculate parliamentary frameworks, particularly unicameral ones.”. He went ahead to state that “I don’t think an all-out development into tyranny is a particularly likely result.”.

To make sure we are clear, Dylan imagines that you can give COMPLETE energy to somebody and simply anticipate that they will turn it over with no set circumstances or calendar. It is safe to say that he is crazy? This IS the formula for a fascism, however obviously, he doesn’t comprehend what is happening. On the off chance that he is sure to the point this is the approach why doesn’t he simply move some place that as of now HAS this framework.

Our Constitution is our most sacrosanct record. We could NEVER consider surrendering it, particularly on the grounds that an uneducated, naturally ignorant writer imagines that somebody he doesn’t care for might take power and bombshell him. We wager he is excited with President Trump appropriate about at this point. HAH!

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