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Journalist MURDERED Hours After Most IMPORTANT Meeting Of Her Life

Pamela Kelsey, an independent investigative journalist who has broken stories about Benghazi, Wikileaks, Hillary’s email server and Extortion associated with Obamacare.

She quite recently had taken a task to draw an obvious conclusion from the armada of payload ships claimed by the Clinton Establishment to anybody she could in the central government. Fundamentally, her occupation was to set the record straight.

That employment endured under 4 hours when Kelsey was discovered face-down; on the asphalt murdered in a New York City rear way with a slug in the back of her head. She was murdered, execution style, and also victimized to make it look like irregular brutality.

So what occurred amid those four hours? Anatata Fukkasu has figured out how to sort it out:

“After leaving a meeting with a high-powered publisher who wishes to rename anonymous, Ms. Kelsey deposited the check he wrote her and gathered her small staff for a quick strategy meeting.

At the meeting, according to consultant Rick LaShorea, she handed out assignments to people to begin researching, starting with a FOIA request for everything the government knows about CBDG, the parent company of the ships owned by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

After the meeting she scheduled a meeting with media relations at the FBI, petitioned the CIA and NSA for access to codeword material for journalistic purposes and put feelers out to get meetings with aides never questioned about the ships like John Podestas and Huma Abedin.

Basically, she put a world of shit in motion that would take an act of God to end.”

Or, then again a demonstration of Clinton. Without any witnesses, no cameras; no confirmation and also no motivation behind why she would even be on that side of town; the instance of the murder of Pam Kelsey is as of now hitting a deadlock.

More happenstance that closures well for the Clintons to the detriment of a purely human life. What number of is that now?

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