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Kathy Griffin Attacks Trump With Sick Joke, Immediately Regrets It

Kathy Griffin
Masochistic entertainer Kathy Griffin hasn’t endured enough. She’s venturing once again into the political field with another “joke” about President Trump.

Kathy Griffin posted an old picture of Donald Trump posturing with O.J. Simpson before the passing of his better half with the inscription, “POTUS with new lawyer general??? ”

Kathy Griffin’s most recent endeavor at a joke was intended to ridicule President Trump’s announcement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions could never have been named if Trump knew he would recuse himself.

Kathy Griffin came to national consideration not long ago in the wake of posturing in a disagreeable photograph shoot with the separated and bloodied head of President Trump.

Crying all through a question and answer session after the debate rose, Kathy Griffin made the ridiculous remark that President Trump has “broke her”.

This is consideration snatching, plain and straightforward. The generally obscure performing artist was upbeat to at long last have people in general’s consideration — and she drained the consideration for all it was worth. Presently, the news cycle is continuing without her.

It won’t be long until the maturing humorist crosses a different line. Consideration resembles a medication for big names, and Griffin needs another hit. Regardless of the possibility that she devastates her profession all the while.

Twitter clients have completely taunted Kathy Griffin’s most recent endeavor at cleverness.

Will undoubtedly proceed with her rule of immateriality somehow. However, we should trust she keeps this rubbish far from us next time.

Kathy — no one supposes you’re clever, and it’s about time that you quit making issues for our leader. Just in light of the fact that he hurt your emotions after you endangered his existence with your bland photoshoot.

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