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You Won’t Believe What Keith Olbermann Said On “The View”


Today was Keith Olbermann’s appearance on “The View” and boy was it a bad one.

Keith, Joy and Whoopi in one room together insulting President Trump was not a good idea.

During Olbermann’s introduction Joy said:

“Keith Olbermann and I have a lot in common, we both think the president is unstable and we both wrote books about it”.

The show was fine until Olberman stated on live TV that President Trump has done more damage to America than both Bin Laden and ISIS combined.

He really did say that.
Check out his appearance on “The View” below:

It’s terrifying how bad the left is trying to come back, doing everything in their power to smear The President’s name.

When asked if he really believed what he said, he replied instantly, he said, “Yes”.

Olbermann continued, saying:

“Yeah, we did really well after 9/11. I don’t think that the country has given itself enough credit for what we did not do. We did not restrict all the freedoms in this country. We did not single out people”.

However, after Meghan McCain mentioned that 3000 innocent people died during 9/11 and many more at the hands of ISIS, she asked him:

“You think Bin Laden did less to damage America than President Trump?”.

To which Keith again responded with a quick, “Yes”.

What do you think about Keith Olbermann’s appearance on “The View”? Do you support him? Let us know and share.

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