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McCain’s Reputation Will Be Destroyed After This New Proof Exposing His Ties To Russia

John McCain

We all know that not all of the politicians are goodhearted humans. They all try their best but some fail to do the right thing for the country instead of themselves.

And one of them who once believed this way is John McCain but now his sole concern it seems that is seeking out new lows.

The law has been bent now by him and he has begun to cooperate with the people who are entrenched in the Russian scandal. As it seems right now he is now going to great plans to bury the TRUTH and protect these criminals.

Aleksej Gubarev claimed on Wednesday in a brief filed in federal court that David Kramer a longtime associate of John McCain “has been seemingly avoiding service” of a deposition subpoena for days. Regarding the Steele Dossier Mcain and Kramer are suspected to have information about that.

And Of course, The Steele Dossier has been revealed as falsehood; with the dismiss from the President himself as a “hoax” and “crap.”

“Reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the information published”; that’s how the dossier was labeled by the lawyers who are suing BuzzFeed.

After all of that are you still wondering why McCain is hiding out? Kramer is now suspect of espionage and once he was a Director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership. Regarding Russia, since the beginning, McCain has been untrustworthy.

During a meeting on Dec. 9 meeting was the previous claim that McCain had about the giving out the copy to Comey and now he is also denying giving the dossier to BuzzFeed.

Our country is being destroyed from inside out from this kind of lies. McCain is a massive thorn in the nation’s side as well as in our President’s side. We can only hope for one thing and that is that the evidence will finally END McCain forever.

All of you that want these criminals to be given a real justice and if you want the truth to finally come out SHARE this EVERYWHERE so that McCain can lose.

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