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Medical Marijuana Is Now Officially Legal in Greece


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced this week that Greek doctors will now be allowed to prescribe cannabis medicine for a slew of conditions.

Legislators in Greece declared for the current week that the European Union part will turn into the most recent nation to acknowledge the therapeutic estimation of cannabis.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared on Friday that specialists over the European country will now have the capacity to recommend cannabis for an assortment of restorative conditions.

Greece will join the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. It will be the 6th nation in the European Union to authorize restorative marijuana.

“Starting now and into the foreseeable future, the nation is turning its page. Greece is presently incorporated into nations where the conveyance of medicinal cannabis to patients in require is legitimate.”. Prime Minister Tsipras said at a question and answer session yesterday.

Tsipras likewise declared that Greece will formally move cannabis from a Table A medication. Practically identical to America’s “Calendar I,” to a Table B sedate; joining different substances with affirmed restorative esteem like methadone and opium.

The entryway is presently open for a homegrown legitimate weed industry to rise for the destitute nation. Once the framework is set up, Tsipras told journalists that the country will also start bringing in cannabis-based medications.

Greece as of now permits the directed development of cannabis with 0.2% THC or less. Although, high-quality bud has dependably been harshly policed. However, the new law will proceed with the nation’s current turn towards cannabis advancement. And it will conceivably set the phase for Greece to join Portugal as the main European nation with full-scale cannabis authorization

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