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Directly After Melania Finished Speech Today, Trump Walked Behind Her And Did The UNBELIEVABLE

Initially, Melania tended to the U.S. military workforce at the maritime base in Ital this Saturday.

In an exceptionally uncommon discourse, Melania Trump discussed the debilitated kids she met in Europe and the Center East on her outing with her better half. Watch what Trump does toward the finish of the video that has the media going crazy.

Trump gave Melania a kiss! They even clasped hands before they got on the plane.


The media is going crazy, as well. Did you see the features that they have been running this week?


It’s so dismal how much the media fixates on Trump and Melania. That is the reason it was so great to see them kiss.

“THIS Trek FOR ME HAS BEEN Exceptionally Uncommon AND I WILL Always remember THE Ladies AND Kids I MET,” SHE Disclosed to THE Pack IN ITALY.

“I additionally need to pause for a minute to thank all of you for the penances you make for the benefit of our nation,” she said.

She also won the hearts of numerous over the Center East and Europe.

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