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Mike Huckabee BLASTED McCain Right After He Saved ObamaCare

Mike Huckabee

To be honest Governor Mike Huckabee has to be the funniest politician. He also loves America more than any other politician.

Obamacare was once again saved at the last minute by John McCain, and Mike Huckabee was NOT happy at all.

So Huckabee took it on his own to take action, and he fired SHOTS at McCain right away took him back in time with a tweet.

What’s funny about this is that Jimmy Kimmel said that McCain’s decision to not help repeal Obamacare made him an American Hero.

But this is a serious situation even though Huckabee’s words may seem fun. This was the last chance that Obamacare had to bee repealed.

Thanks to the Senate finance rules, Republicans will need now 60 votes to get it repealed and replaced.

But this do-nothing Sen like John and Rand still have to bee embarrassed; in front of the public until they do what they supposed to do; or will we need to call someone else to do their job for them.

If you think that its finally time that our SENATORS represent the citizens that elected them, help us and SHARE this EVERYWHERE!!

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