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MSNBC Hosts Openly Lie To Save Hillary From Prison

It is presently obvious that the predominant press is concealing for Clinton’s wrongdoings. These writers ought to be embarrassed about themselves.

Two of the best at MSNBC, Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell, pretended obliviousness about Hillary Clinton’s criminal past on MSNBC live last Wednesday morning.

The pair wrote about a tweet discharged by President Trump perusing: “Why aren’t similar models put on the Democrats. Look what Hillary Clinton may have become away with. Dishonorable!”

The tweet is plainly a feedback of how the media has been assaulting Donald Trump Jr. for meeting with a Russian legal advisor. While disregarding Clinton’s associations with Ukraine.

In any case, in the wake of perusing the tweet, the two MSNBC has imagined that they had no clue what President Trump was discussing. “I’m trusting you can enable me to unravel this” Williams strongly asked his co-have.

Andrea Mitchell reacted by saying, “I’m attempting to make sense of it myself… Perhaps this is a reference to messages?… But it’s difficult to make sense of what this is about.” She pretended obliviousness of her activities.

The trade uncovers the extraordinary lengths correspondents will experience to secure the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

President Trump’s tweet was plainly a reference to the Clinton’s battle’s nearby binds to the Ukrainian government amid the presidential race. Alexandra Chalupa, a Democrat agent, worked specifically with the Ukrainian government to direct resistance examine on Trump’s then-battle supervisor Paul Manafort.

Presently, Donald Trump Jr. is getting significantly more examination for considerably less.

The Russian attorney he met with had no association with the Russian government.

Hillary Clinton, then again, worked straightforwardly with various remote governments and their insight offices.

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