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Nancy Pelosi Just FLIPPED Sides! Look What She SAID In Regards To Trump

It shows up House Minority Pioneer Nancy Pelosi is still intense that her hopeful wasn’t chosen in November, expressing openly Tuesday that it’s troublesome for her to much murmur the words, “President Trump.”

At the point when some information about referencing President Trump as “the new Leader of the Assembled States,” Pelosi clarified, “I’m the most noteworthy positioning lady politically in our nation.

Something that I was anticipating on Race Day was when at last there would be a lady who might be the most elevated positioning lady for all intents and purposes on the planet as leader of the Unified States.”

At the point when Hillary lost, Pelosi said “it was a blow, I mean, for the country.”

“And so it’s hard because I don’t know, from what I’ve seen, I don’t know how much respect he has for the job.”

Sounds more like a sore failure than a concerned delegate, particularly since it’s been almost 5 months since the introduction.

At the point when asked who she’d rather have in office; President Trump or President Pence, Pelosi stunned spectators with her answer.


It is ideal Pelosi isn’t responsible for that decision since it appears to make her a two-timer.

The nation needs legislators who will remain by pioneers, not ceaselessly grumble when things don’t get their direction.

It about time liberal elitists like Pelosi considered responsible for plans against the White House and eventually quieted.

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