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As Soon As The National Anthem Started Playing, Trump Swung To Mattis And Did The UNEXPECTED

President Donald Trump joined VP Mike Pence and James Mattis at the Tom of the Unkown Warrior in Arlington National Burial ground.

They respected the fallen men and ladies that have given a definitive give up. Watch what Trump did as the national anthem started playing that has liberals going insane this time.

You cannot hear Trump. But you can definitely see the motion in his eyes as he sings the “Star Spangled Banner.” This is the same guy that almost cried tears on his inauguration day. (Watch below).

Of course, the intolerant left started attacking Trump for this. It’s horrible also these people have no life. These leftists are so tasteless.

Isn’t this quite recently loathsome? Why does the left assault our Leader for ever seemingly insignificant detail?

The function at Arlington today was touching and President Trump also demonstrated exactly the amount he truly cherishes our warriors. A considerable measure superior to the next person.

Trump needs our support and loyalists. This dedication day Offer this fabulous snapshot of our Leader above also with 3 Trump supporters you know.

Do you like Trump singing? How about we finally demonstrate to him some adoration. How about we finally keep the vitality high. Always remember those have fallen.

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