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NFL Protesters Go Too Far, THIS Photo Shows They ARE Protesting Our Vets.

In one of the biggest shows of disrespect in sports history, NFL players joined together against the President and America.

Nearly every team had players taking a knee during the National Anthem.  They showed blatant disrespect towards our military men and women.

Players say that they weren’t protesting our brothers in arms. However, now we see that those were just lies.

A recent viral photo shows a man kneeling at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. The photo was taken by Katie Wiederhoeft who posted it on Facebook.


She left her comments below the picture:

“On our way back from NYC we stopped overnight in DC, one of my favorite places. So rich in history, it’s beautiful and so clean!

A must see on our list is always Arlington National Cemetery the changing of the guard ceremony. I get pretty emotional thinking about what it represents. Today we got a chance to see the honor guard placing wreaths in remembrance of fallen military members. The honor guard said to remain silent, that military members in uniform were to render a salute and everyone else was to stand and that it would appropriate to place your right hand over your heart. Just as TAPS started…this is what happened. I don’t even think people know what they are doing when they are kneeling!!!! What was going through this young man’s head is beyond me!? I couldn’t do or say anything because my anger and disgust was beyond words. I made sure to stand right next to him with my hand over my heart!!!”

Consequently, the Internet went on a rant outraged at the man.

Check Out This Tweet:

People are supposed to stay standing and silent during the anthem. But it looks like that this protest has gone too far.



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