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Nikki Haley Just SILENCED The Media With FOUR Simple Words

nikki haley

One of the brightest stars of The Trump Administration has to be UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. Shining brighter than ever before she showed the UN why she is considered one of the best.

However, Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson is her opposite. He failed to deal with both China and Russia on the North Korea situation. No wonder that he will be replaced very soon.  Apparently, his replacement is already in talks.

And who better to replace him than Nikki Haley? When asked if she would want to be the next Secretary OF State, Nikky shocked them and replied:

“No, I don’t”

She went on to explain her decision of declining.

She continued:

“What I’m trying to do is do a good job. And I’m trying to be responsible in my job. And I’m trying to make sure that I inform the American people everything that I know.’

“That’s what I’m trying to do and I’m trying to serve this president and this country the best I can. If people want to take it to mean something else, that’s their issue, it’s not anything I spend time on.”

Check out her explanation below:

Declining does not mean she hates America. On the contrary, this move shows that she loves her country and is doing the best she can for it. No other candidate would be better suited for the role of the next Secretary Of State. Let’s just hope she takes the position if offered.

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