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BREAKING ALERT: North Korea Launches Another Missile

North Korea continues to threaten the United States. This time Kim Jong-un launched another missile that landed in the sea after it flew over Japan.

The missile was launched from the countries capital of Pyongyang. It flew over the island of Hokkaido after which it crashed in the Pacific Ocean. With this long-range test of what was likely the Hwasong-12 IRBM, North Korea has also demonstrated the range to target Guam.

The test serves as a provocation in response to recent UNSC sanctions, it also provided important technical data.

The U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson officially warned North Korea saying that the UN sanctions were “the floor, not the ceiling”.

However, a lot of top U.S. officials said that they do not want to take military action against North Korea.

Surprisingly both Russia and China have taken North Koreas’ side warning the U.S. not to take any “aggressive” and “dangerous” action.

According to data coming from South Korea, the missile had a flight time of about 17 minutes. It reached an altitude of about 770km and flew a range exceeding 3.700 km.

According to Michael Malice North Koreas’ recent missile tests were not necessarily an act of war, but more of a show of force. He stated “Of course because they [North Korea] want to make the claim in the press that ‘oh, we’re crazy, we welcome an attack, you know, bring it on.’ But meanwhile, if you go there and you read their literature, they know full well that they’re not capable of surviving an attack, that it would be devastating for North Korea”.

Reaction from US and Japan to these tests so far will likely not deter North Korea from future overflights. Long range Hwasong-14 ICBM test should be expected.


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