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Just In: Obama Planned To Use Military On Election Day

It appears that consistently since the decision, we have caught the wind of how our Republic was “hacked” by “Underhanded Russians”. How much validity is there to this story? And did the Obama organization get ready for something like a “hacking” to happen?

Look no more remote than a record that was as of late. Obama set up an arrangement that had one objective at the top of the priority list: stop decision hacking with military activity. The 15-page report brings up a considerable measure of issues with respect to the decision and exactly how much power Obama had when he was the leader of this incredible country. It likewise punctures specifically in the account of each liberal prevailing press outlet.

The arrangement expresses that ought to there be any proof of a digital assault, Obama would rally up the military. All dynamic and save military would be sent to surveying stations. In the meantime, counter-publicity endeavors would be conveyed with a flurry.

There was NO military nearness at the surveying stations on Election Day. You would believe that if the Russians hacked the race like the media savants have been parroting for a considerable length of time, we would have seen Obama’s horrendous arrangement in real life.

There was nothing. Truth be told, the main thing that would qualify as purposeful publicity is the media’s fixation on Russia. All things considered, that is nothing not quite the same as the way the media misleads meet their one-sided closes, as they have constantly done.

As such, Obama’s arrangement never became effective. Which, in the event that we are to trust the official report distributed by TIME, would imply that a hacking never happened.

Loyalists the nation over have been lecturing about how the media has been misleading us about this hacking since their hogwash began. We now have MORE proof to affirm what we as of now knew–there was no Russian hack.

Clearly, the Left was betting on Hillary Clinton to win the decision. No liberal in a MILLION years would have speculated that Donald Trump would rain on their parade. We are SO happy that he did.

So you might be asking yourself, “What does this record mean for the future?” Simply put, it implies that now the Left must choose the option to push this false Russian story until the point that they crumple under the heaviness of their own untruths. Obama didn’t finish his debilitated arrangement since he was sucker punched. Presently Trump has the high ground. Americans are ON his side and realize that this account of Russian conspiracy is finished jabber.

On the off chance that this story had broken and stuck; in the event that it had been valid, it could have caused a few issues for our President. Everybody is very much aware of how crazy the Left is, and now, doesn’t expect any better of them. There should be a full examination concerning this “plan,” an arrangement made by the Obama organization.

They have been lying since the very beginning and will keep on lying as long as it suits their requirements.

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