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OMG! Trump Hauled Out Of Paris Accords, He Saw a Sign From GOD!

Minutes prior, President Trump reported his choice to pull back the U.S. from the occupation executing, cash sucking “Paris Climate agreement.”

This is an agreement that would have fetched the U.S. TRILLIONS in the Paris Accords but in lost income and would have brought about the majority of out clean coal occupations to be dispatched abroad.

Only minutes after the declaration, Trump saw a sign from God that demonstrates he settled on the correct choice.

When he declared his choice to pull back, the stock exchange went completely Insane and shut at an unsurpassed high!


This demonstrates Trump was correct. He anticipated the share trading system would Blast when we hauled out of that. terrible arrangement. (watch below)

The Dow closed at 21,114.18 today.
The index was up 135 points on Thursday.

This is the thing that happens when a President puts AMERICA first. This is the thing that happens when a President rejects globalists arrangements that gut AMERICA and execute AMERICAN employments.

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