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Paranoia In White House Aides Fear Anyone Could Be Wearing a Wire


White House officials are frightened from Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and they are lawyering up to deflect criminal allegations.

Inside the West Wing call kind of chaos was created when Robert Mueller’s investigation escalated into probable White House violation, as Donald Trump became obsessed with the threatening probe.

While on lunch at D.C. Steakhouse an NYT reporter overheard Trump’s attorney while he was in an outraged confrontation about legal strategy. The chaos spilled everywhere.

Ty Cobb reportedly has an advantage over Donald McGahn over the question who is better one to take care of Mueller’s probe.

Mr.Cobb was also heard discussing a lawyer that he suspected a McGahn spy also said that Mr.McGahn has “a couple documents locked in a safe that he seemed to suggest he wanted access to”.

Paranoia is becoming the trademark of this scandal-plagued White House, and now assistants “fear that colleagues may be wearing a wire.”

Here’s a tweet about the lunch:

In the meantime insider told us that “Trump continues to rant and brood about former FBI Director Jim Comey; and the Russia investigation that got him fired,” also that; “Trump tells aides and visitors that the probe now being run by special counsel Bob Mueller is a witch hunt; and that Comey was a leaker.”

In some cases Trump’s minions are unwillingly instructed to pay almost $1.000 an hour legal salary to advocates so they can bypass legal peril. Staffer has to be raging.

It was reported to us that some of Trumps lawyers; “earlier this summer concluded that Jared Kushner should step down” as senior White House adviser; because of possible legal complications, “and aired concerns about him to the president.”

Steve Bannon in an interview with “60 Minutes”; disclosed that the biggest mistake Trump ever made in “modern political history” is when he fired FBI Director James Comey.

Mueller’s office also got rid of Senate investigators for now.

We were informed also that “The refusal to allow the Senate panel to interview those two witnesses could be a sign that Mueller is reviewing whether President Donald Trump acted properly in his firing of Comey”.

Mueller is closing in, even though the White House is trying its best to keep him away.


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