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The Patriots Were MASSIVELY Surprised By Their Fans After They Kneeled


Lets be real here, when the players across the NFL kneeled it was not a surprise for anyone, we all expected that. Yes that was sad but we knew what was going to happen.

To be clear we are not talking here about the whole League. We will talk about what the fans did when The Patriots kneeled.

Half of the team were already kneeling and the anthem was not even started. But the crowd erupted and started booing and chanting “Stand Up” all together.

Watch the VIDEO below to see it yourselves:

To be honest the fans just respect what it stands for. For generations who died for our amazing country’s survival the anthem is an ode.

But the other team just locked their arms, maybe the “Patriots” should’ve done the same thing or they should’ve choose a different time to kneel. In that case, this may become the time when their name will have to be changed.

But remember the NFL does hove some blame here. They haven’t even accepted the research that will show that their players suffer severe mental problems because of the hits. All of the players are handicapped with that. But what is the excuse that Roger Goodell has.

So, lets SHARE this EVERYWHERE so we can help those players that have real issues and need to be taken care of, also the league needs to see that the fans will NOT put up with their crap. Comment your opinion below. Thank you all for reading.

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