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Nancy Pelosi Attempted To Attack Trump, Then Trump SHOT BACK With His MYSTERY Weapon

Nancy Pelosi is getting humiliating once more. Take a gander at what she told this columnist in the video underneath.

Mr. Trump has had an, extremely fruitful outside trek. President Trump is winning, winning, winning and the Democrats are losing, losing, losing. You got the opportunity to see Pelosi in this video beneath.

Ms. Nancy Pelosi has griped that Mr. Trump’s outing to Saudi Arabia is unordinary and wasn’t… Well. You gonna’ need to watch it yoursef.

Truly. This is soo funny.

This is what she said.

Reporter: “I’m recently pondering for your impressions of President Trump’s outing up until this point, his first outside excursion, on the off chance that you believe it’s been a fruitful outing and a portion of the messages he’s been attempting to… ”

Ms. Pelosi: “I have stated, I thought it was strange for the Leader of the Assembled States to go to Saudi Arabia first. Saudi Arabia? It wasn’t even in order. I mean Saudi Arabia!”

She said it wasn’t sequential! Ha. What the hell does that even mean?

Spread this all over the place, y’all. It’s a great opportunity to get Nancy out of office.

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