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Nancy Pelosi And The DNC Just Got EXPOSED By Mia Love For Their Diversity Hypocrisy

Mia Love

Democrats’ constant cries for ‘diversification’ is something that Mia Love is sick and tired of. In a harsh interview with Sean Duffy Love aimed at Democratic bigotry exclusively from Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi was destroyed by Mia Love for searching a cursory kind of diversification.

This is what she said:

“It’s okay for you to look a certain way.”

“But if you don’t think the same way as she does, then that’s not the kind of diversity she wants.“

“For Nancy, it’s a voting bloc. She’s more concerned about winning elections than she is winning on the policies that actually help Americans.”

Then she continued on explaining how the DNC was trying to keep a black woman like her out of the office during the 2014 race. And we all know that the DNC always claimed that minorities and women are belittled in Congress.

Love continued:

“They went and recruited a white, male Democrat outside of the district to take me out.”

Love also made a joke:

“That’ll help with the diversity issue.”

DNC is fearing from those six words the most. And finally, they are called out by Love for the crooks they are. Regardless of race or ethnicity Republicans always value ideas and values. But the Democrats are always looking like fools when people of color confront them when they rail on diversity at all costs.

But Duffy brought the storm on them when she suggested that her background would make the DNC more supportive of her.

This is what Duffy had to say:

“Well certainly not the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee], because I think that it’s a narrative that they don’t like.”

“You know, I’ve realized that it’s something that they’ll do everything they can to fight against, and I think it’s because it scares them.”

When considering identity politics and race-baiting which are their favorite vote-winning tactics a black woman is certainly scaring the DNC the most. When a black woman is confronting the DNC and revealing their true colors especially Nancy Pelosi it’s the greatest thing EVER!

If you support women like her SHARE this to finally expose the DNC. Thanks for reading.

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