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Turkish President’s Bodyguards Batter Washington DC Protesters

A BRAWL erupted outside the residence of Turkey’s ambassador following a White House visit by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Nine people hurt and two arrests made amid the altercation at the Turkish representative’s residence in the US capital. A fight erupted when Erdoğan’s security detail assaulted protesters conveying the banner of the Kurdish PYD party outside the residence.

Metropolitan Police Department representative Dustin Sternbeck said the fight broke out between two groups. Two individuals were captured, including one who was accused of attacking a police officer.

“All of the sudden they just ran towards us,”

said Yazidi Kurd demonstrator Lucy Usoyan adding that she was assaulted by a pro-Erdoğan supporter.

We weren’t doing anything wrong,” a pro-Erdogan demonstrator, Mustafa Dikilitas, said.

We just celebrated our president.”

The altercation came the same day that Erdoğan met Donald Trump at the White House.

US President Donald Trump shakes hands with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House

Prior Trump and Erdoğan had stood one next to the other at the White House and guaranteed to strengthen stressed ties in spite of the Turkish leader’s stern cautioning about Washington’s arming of a Kurdish militia.

Straight from securing his grasp on Turkey with a referendum to improve his power, Erdoğan went to the Oval Office with complaints about US support for Kurdish fighters and what Ankara says is Washington’s harboring of the leader of a failed coup.

Be that as it may, both leaders additionally attempted to overcome their disparities and aimed to restore a key alliance. Between Nato’s leading power and its greatest Muslim member. Both accomplices in the battle against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

It is absolutely unacceptable to take the YPG-PYD into consideration as partners in the region, and it’s going against a global agreement we reached,

Erdoğan said. In which he referred to the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) in Syria.

In the same way, we should never allow those groups who want to change the ethnic or religious structures in the region to use terrorism as a pretext,

he added. Also suggesting that the Kurds were using the anti-Isis fight as cover for separatist nationalism.

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